• The Baden-Wrttemberg-STIPENDIUM (“Baden-Württemberg Scholarship“) for students is a program established by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Stiftung. The objective of the Baden-Württemberg-Scholarship programme is to promote the international exchange of highly qualified German and foreign students. It also has the aim of helping to increase the participants understanding and tolerance of other cultures, as well as improving their language skills and broadening their social and academic horizons. An important target of the programme is to encourage links between universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and their valued foreign partners and to develop and strengthen these bonds on a reciprocal basis.

    Every year two selected partner universities from overseas are invited to participate in the BW Scholarship programme. Each university selects and then nominates a scholarship recipient.

    Students receive financial assistance during their stay of approximately 600 Euros per month for 4 months, and have the support of a comprehensive international network.  Students must be nominated by their home universities to be eligible for the programme and must show a high degree of proficiency in their chosen field of studies.  Students are expected to use their time to continue their studies in a new environment, by taking part in courses or projects (earning ECTS credits) and to explore the different possibilities available at the ABK Stuttgart. After the scholarship (4 month period of financial assistance) has ended it may be possible for students to extend their stay, in this case students will be responsible for funding their stay.

    Postgraduates and students who are enrolled at the ABK Stuttgart as regular students, and who are at least in their 4th semester of studies, can apply for a BW-Scholarship. Students who receive the scholarship must be enrolled at the ABK Stuttgart for its entire duration, and cannot be in receipt of another scholarship for the purpose of funding a foreign exchange, during this time. Exceptions can be made in the case of; e.g. grants for travel expenses, etc.  

  • Contact

    International Office

    Sonja Fendel
    +49 (0)711 28440-103

    Campus Weißenhof: Building F (Neubau 2), room 2.16
    Consultations by appointment only

    Contact Incoming

    Samantha Schramm
    +49 (0)711 28440-330
    Campus Weißenhof: Building F (Neubau 2), room 0.14
    Consultations by appointment only

    Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
    International Office
    Am Weißenhof 1
    70191 Stuttgart 

  • Nomination

    The exchange coordinator at your home institution must confirm your nomination to the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design by e-mail or letter. Applications from students who are not nominated will not be processed.

  • Application process

    Applications must include:
    A portfolio of original works, (min 8-10 images), which may also be provided in digital format, the application form, a letter of motivation, letter of recommendation from a professor at your university, full and current CV and a copy of your passport. Applications must be sent no later than 15th of April or 15th October to the following address:

    Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart /
    Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
    Am Weißenhof 1
    70191 Stuttgart

    Applicants must also register online

    Deadline for winter semester (September - February): 15th of April
    Deadline for summer semester (March - August): 15
    th of October

  • Selection procedure

    When your application is complete, it will be forwarded for assessment to the selection committee. The Baden Württemberg Stiftung is responsible for the final selection of applicants for the BW-Scholarship.

    When your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the selection committee to be assessed. The ABK Stuttgart reserves the right to refuse or accept an applicant according to our admissions regulations. Selection and admittance are based on the application materials submitted, including the artistic quality of the applicant’s submitted portfolio, and also the number of study places available. We hope you will understand that due to the large number of applications we receive, we are not able to offer advice regarding the rejection of an application. You will be notified as soon as a decision regarding your application has been made. Please note; we can only keep sent application materials on file for up to 4 weeks after the beginning of semester, after this time, if they are not collected in person, they will be disposed of.

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