• To help you start your life in Stuttgart the WELCOME! programme connects new international students with future fellow students, offers support, cultural guidance and information about life at Stuttgart State Academy. WELCOME! is open to all international students at the Stuttgart State Academy.

    Our student Lisa Moll is your main contact. At the beginning of each semester and especially during your first few weeks after your arrival he will be there to help you settle into life at Stuttgart State Academy. Lisa will contact you by email in September (for winter term) and in March (for summer term), you will then be able to ask him any questions you might have about living and studying in Stuttgart.

    You will get to meet Lisa and other new group members shortly after you arrive and will have access to the following services, catering especially to our new international students: 


    • Guided tours around campus, workshops, and your future class
    • Help getting to know the local and academic community faster
    • Introduction to other international and German students, and academic staff
    • Help with administrative processes especially during your first few weeks at Stuttgart State Academy (enrolment, finding your class and professor etc.)
    • Discovering and discussing the Academy´s neighborhoods
    • Locating banks, (grocery) stores, landmarks, etc. near the Academy
    • Some event highlights (parties, museums, sightseeing tours, etc.)


  • Contact

    If you have any questions about the International WELCOME! network, please directly refer to:

    Lisa Moll



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