The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Photo: Martin Lutz)
The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Photo: Martin Lutz)
About the Academy

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart), with a history extending back over 250 years, is one of the largest of its kind with University status in Germany. With 18 academic degree courses in four departments (Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, and Theories of Art-Conservation), it provides a broad spectrum of educational and research opportunities to approximately 900 students. 

Its 32 excellently equipped workshop facilities include metal, wood and plastic workshops, workshops for bronze casting and painting techniques as well as print, textile, glass and bookbinding workshops. Technical instructors are always on hand to support students in putting their ideas into practice.

Students study in small classes under the intensive supervision of professors, academic associate and part-time lecturers. The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design is entitled to confer degrees at doctoral and post-doctoral level.

Students can achieve further qualifications in areas ranging from Architecture, Art Related Studies, Art History and Media Theory to Art Education and Philosophy. The Academy also has an excellent infrastructure: Situated in a prime location on the Stuttgart Killesberg, it takes only a few minutes from Stuttgart central station to Stuttgart Killesberg (final stop) by public transport. It has a well-stocked, up-to-date library in the fields of art, stage set design, architecture, restoration, design and art history on campus, a student canteen and a kindergarten.

Exchanges with partner universities around the world, and other international programmes, provide a multitude of opportunities for “outgoing“ students from Stuttgart State Academy to study abroad, and for international “incoming“ students from partner institutions and around the world to benefit from attending study courses at the Stuttgart State Academy. The Reinwaldhaus in Bodman near Lake Constance is available as a venue for class study trips. The Stuttgart Academy is committed to artistic innovation and sees itself as a testing ground for exemplary artistic work where research and teaching unite. This promotes the connection between works of art and design and theories of art and offers opportunities for cross-genre artistic activities. The Academy also contributes to contemporary aesthetic discourse by means of exhibitions, events and publications.

Further informations about our study programmes you'll find here.

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