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28.06.2022 | 19:00

Andreas Rumpfhuber (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna): "Architecture of Immaterial Labour" 
The lecture will examine the connection between contemporary discourses of financial economics and architecture using the example of housing construction. The argument is that with the increasing decoupling of the financial economy and the real economy since the 1970s, the economic logic of profit maximisation and investment is also changing and thus influencing the discourses that directly affect the production of the built environment."

Andreas Rumpfhuber is a practicing architect and theoretician. His work focuses on new forms of work and dwelling. Currently his professor for History, Theory and Criticism at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as planning a publicly funded housing project with 71 units. www.ex-d.net

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Public Online Lecture Series within the BA/MA course „Design is Labour! A History of the Production of Architecture and Design“, coordinated and organized by Claudia Nitsche (Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design / AA School London) and with the support of Eleni Axioti (AA School London).

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