Master thesis abstracts 2018 / publication information

Marlene Husung. Thirteen standard size (A3) frame packages were created to compare different mounting, spacer, backboard and glazing materials, both as concerns handling as well as visual appearance. Tests included also change of RH and temperature within the frame packages during moderate climate alterations. One item was a historical framed artwork that received a concealed preservation improvement.

Sandra Möller. Armenian Manuscripts in Antelias: Integrating historic damage in the preservation concept. The collection, which was rescued during the Armenian genocide in 1915, features manuscripts with significant damages that result from centuries of use, salvage and recent permanent exhibition history. The study concerns the development of a customized conservation concept in discussion with the museum. A survey was made in which codicological features of Armenian book structures as well as damages were recorded. The significance of damage as historic evidence is a key issue in this work aiming at an overall long-term care plan. The treatment choices focus on minimal intervention with respect to the status of these manuscripts as historic artefacts.
Poster presentation: 14th IADA Congress, Warsaw, 23.–28.9.2019.

Emily Kristin Müller. Darkened lead white conversion: effect of hydrogen peroxide on the substrate. Lead white is known to discolor under the influence of environmental sulfuric gases. The discolored, often greyish, brownish, pinkish or orange product of this process is lead sulfide. Side effects of treatment of early treatments can be observed on drawings. The study examines historic methods and modern treatment options of converting lead sulfide into lead sulfate to compare their effectiveness and their side effects also long-term. Methods investigated include such as gaseous application in ether or aqueous solution and methylcellulose as carrier. In collaboration with the Museum of Prints and Drawings, National Museums at Berlin; University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna; the Indianapolis Museum of Art Conservation Science facility. Presentation: E. Müller, U. Henniges, G. Dietz, G. Smith, I. Brückle: Converting discolored lead white: Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the paper substrate. IADA Warsaw, 24.9.2019. Submitted, Journal of Paper Conservation, Sept. 2019.

Jana Müller. The master thesis thematises fill and consolidation materials for wooden book boards. A wide range of diverse materials and adhesives is introduced, focussing selected gap-filling methods and their application spectrum as discussed in the relevant literature. With the aid of tests on sample boards, characteristics like shrinking behaviour and extent of penetration as well as strength and fracture behaviour are  examined. The practical application of selected methods is demonstrated on a historic wooden board showing extensive insect damage. The purpose of this study is the compilation of an overview to provide a guideline for the conservation of wooden boards, including aspects of aesthetics, reversibility, ethics and preservation. In collaboration with Sonja Brandt, Landesbibliothek Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.
Presentation: Jana Müller et al. (M.A. 2018): Die Restaurierung von Buchdeckeln aus Holz: Untersuchung und Anwendung ausgewählter Kittmassen, 24. Fachgespräch der Papierrestauratorinnen und -restauratorenan Archiven, Bibliothekenund Museen NRW in Münster, 30.-31.03.2020

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