ABK Stuttgart welcomes Yon Natalie Mik as Fellow for Performance & co-teaching

As part of the cooperation fellowship between ABK Stuttgart and Akademie Schloss Solitude, dancer and transdisciplinary artist Yon Natalie Mik (Berlin/Los Angeles) will co-teach in the M.F.A. Body, Theory and Poetics of the Performative in the winter semester 2023/2024 with the professors of the programme Prof. Dr. Cristina Gómez Barrio and Prof. Wolfgang Mayer.

Photo: Headshot (see attachment) (Photo by Rina Nakano)Photo: Headshot (see attachment) (Photo by Rina Nakano)


Yon Natalie Mik works at the intersection of performance, poetry and theory. With a particular interest in disciplinary crossovers, her practice probes questions of disability, intersectionality, and the politics of the archive. To navigate these complex subjects, she creates expanded choreographies embedded with spiritual knowledge, sonic/visual dance notation, and kinetic exploration of her personal life. 

She co-founded The Invisible Archive, a publication project that explores performance and time-based artistic strategies through writing and collaborative publishing with other artists, curators, academics, cultural producers, and activists.

Some of her most recent works were performed and exhibited at the Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca (2022); Project Space Festival, Berlin (2022); Arts at Blue Roof, Los Angeles (2022); Dock 11 Expanded, Online (2021); Ifa Galerie, Berlin (2021); Slavs and Tartar Pickle Bar, Berlin (2021); Torrance Art Museum (2021); Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2019); Performing Arts Festival Berlin (2019); 182 Art Space, Taipei (2019); Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA (2018); Corner Art Space, Seoul (2017); Downtown Art Center, Los Angeles (2016).

She is a recipient of the ABK-Solitude Performance & co-teaching Fellowship and the Korea Foundation Fellowship. She gave talks and lectures at the Korea National University of Arts, Seoul (2023); Oktoberdans International Dance Festival, Bergen (2022); GTW Kongress, Berlin (2022); Freie Universität of Berlin, Berlin (2021); Hamburger Bahnhof Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart, Berlin (2019).

Currently, Mik also works as a fellow and Ph.D. candidate in Dance Studies within the DFG-funded research group Normativity, Critique, Change at the Freie Universität Berlin.

For her teaching at the M.F.A. KTPP, she puts forward the proposal for a collaborative practice wherein she and the students can engage in the choreographic writing and archiving of vulnerable, fractured bodies by looking at their personal stories and mapping a social choreography for collective repair and resistance.

# background information

The cooperation fellowship between the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and Akademie Schloss Solitude was established in the year 2013. Prof. Dr. Cristina Gómez Barrio and Prof. Wolfgang Mayer – aka Discoteca Flaming Star – are hosting this cooperation from the side of the Stuttgart State Academy within their chair (former Intermedia Arts until 2019, now M.F.A. “Körper, Theorie & die Poetik des Performativen”, short KTPP, in English “Body, Theory and the Poetics of the Performative”). This cooperation fellowship aims to make a crucial contribution to the practice and to the teaching of what performance is today. The effort of this cooperation is to create a frame in which a Solitude fellow and the ABK students at the M.F.A. KTPP can have an enriching encounter - while preserving each of the institutional mandates; as well as linking the international background of Solitude with the city of Stuttgart, through one of its artistic educational institutions.

Former fellows in this cooperation were:
Niall Jones (2021/2022) 
Silvia Das Fadas (2018/2019)
Maria Salgado (2017/2018)
​​​​​​​Teresa Solar (2016/2017)
Cara Benedetto (2013/2014)

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