Assistance and guidance for international programme students at the ABK Stuttgart

The very first days and weeks in a foreign country are normally the most difficult ones. To help you start and organize your life in Stuttgart as a programme student (not regular student*) - especially during your first couples of weeks following your arrival - our tutors Jule Maurer and Elisa Lohmüller are your main contacts. They have been studying at the Stuttgart State Academy for some time, and are here to help you by offering a variety of services as follows:

  • Guided tours around campus, workshops, and your future units
  • Getting-to-know the local and academic community 
  • Offering support, cultural guidance and information about life at the Academy
  • Introducing and connecting to other international and German fellow students, and academic staff
  • Support for administrative processes (enrolment, filling out important forms, helping you to move into the hall of residence (in very urgent cases get the key to your room, contact with the caretaker), finding your unit and/or professor etc.)
  • Discovering and discussing the Academy´s neighborhoods, locating banks, (grocery) stores, landmarks, etc. near the Academy
  • Event highlights (parties, museums, sightseeing tours, etc.)

*regular international students have to refer directly to the Admission Office at studieren​(at)abk-stuttgart.de 

The Welcome-Team

If you have any questions about the International WELCOME! network for International Programme Students, please directly refer to our tutors Jule Maurer (julemaria.maurer(at)stud.abk-stuttgart.de) and Elisa Lohmüller (elisa.lohmueller(at)stud.abk-stuttgart.de).

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