• Erasmus Incomings

    Our more than 50 Erasmus+ university partnerships help to foster an ever developing international environment and can offer exciting collaborative possibilities between institutions and individuals alike. The Eramus+ programme gives international students and staff from our many partner universities the opportunity to participate in a university exchange for up to two semesters at the ABK Stuttgart. In order for exchanges to take place, an Erasmus+ contract must exist between the academy and another institution with university status. For more information about the Erasmus+ programme please see here.

    Application and Nomination


    Teaching and administrative staff from our partner universities who are interested in visiting the ABK Stuttgart for the purpose of teaching or job shadowing (administrative staff) are asked to first please contact their institutions international office for information about the formal process for staff exchanges.

    Student nominations

    Incoming students who would like to apply for an Erasmus+ exchange scholarship should first contact their university´s international office in order to be nominated for a scholarship place. The international office at your home institution must confirm your nomination for a place in the Erasmus+ programme at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design by email. Once we receive your nomination, you will be asked to upload your application materials on Mobility Online (the link will be sent after nomination), including a portfolio. Your application will then be processed by the International Office and by the faculty responsible for your study area, in order to assess which places and study areas are available to you. 

    Applications from students who are not officially nominated by their home institution cannot be processed.

    Send your application

    Applications must include a portfolio of original works (8-10 images), which may only be provided in digital format, a letter of motivation, CV (Europass) and a passport picture and must be uploaded on Mobility Online no later than 15th of April or 15th of October.

    You will receive the registration link to Mobility Online after being officially nominated by your home university (via e-mail).

    Deadline for winter semester (September–February): 15th of April
    Deadline for summer semester (March–August): 15th of October

    Selection procedure

    When your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the selection committee to be assessed. The ABK Stuttgart reserves the right to refuse or accept an applicant according to our admissions regulations. Selection and admittance are based on the application materials submitted, including the artistic quality of the applicant’s submitted portfolio, and also the number of study places available. We hope you will understand that due to the large number of applications we receive, we are not able to offer advice regarding the rejection of an application. You will be notified as soon as a decision regarding your application has been made. Please note; we can only keep sent application materials on file for up to 4 weeks after the beginning of semester, after this time, if they are not collected in person, they will be disposed of.

  • Contact

    International Office

    Sonja Fendel (Head)
    +49 (0)711 28440-122
    Campus Weißenhof: Building F (Neubau 2), room 0.11
    Consultations by appointment only

    Melina Koch
    +49 (0)711 28440-153
    Campus Weißenhof: Building F (Neubau 2), room 0.11
    Consultations by appointment only

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