Master thesis abstracts 2016 / publication information

Annine Wöllner. Diminishing planar distortions and storage of a large silk screen print by Otto Hajek. The problem of reducing planar distortions in an oversized modern machine-made paper was studied with the goal of treating a silk screen print by Otto Herbert Hajek, Ohne Titel 72/9 dated 1972 and measuring about 125 x 112 cm. Tests were made with similar paper sheets printed at the Academy’s silk screen workshop using similar printing inks in multiple layers as practiced by Hajek. After wetting and thereby creating a local water damage effect along the edges, these samples were subjected to experimental restraint drying methods using combinations of overall pressure and lateral extention. It was shown that pressure is critical in maintaining or recreating the smooth surface characteristics of the original paper which as documented by raking light as well as using TRACEiT® (Innowep, Würzburg), a mobile measurement instrument for surface topography. The paper distortion could be diminished to the extent that the print can be viewed without visual disturbance under diffuse lighting conditions, illustrating the limitations of treatment in dealing with modern papers and sensitive media. Publication: A. Wöllner, I. Brückle. Honeycomb panels for treatment and vertical storage. Restaurator 3–4 37 (2016): 199–207.

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