Barzilay Rozenpik Almog

Almog Barzilay Rozenpik

ist Studentin im Jahrgang 2022 im Weißenhof-Programm (Meisterschülerin)

  • Kurzvita

    Almog Barzilay Rozenpik

    Master student in the Weissenhof program at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

    B.F.A student at the department of ceramics and glass design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

    Student Exchange Program: Prof. Susanne Windelen's „Schließfach”, project on zoom at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

  • Ausstellungen

    „גם וגם“(so and so)–'Intimacy' was presented as part of a Group exhibition at Speculo Gallery, Caesarea Israel

    „Be. A mindful symphony“ Presented at the final exhibition of class 2021 at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem Israel

    „Inspiration takes shape“ Group exhibition at GINA Gallery of international naive art, Tel Aviv Israel

    „1 4/5“ Solo exhibition at The Incubator in Jerusalem, Israel

  • Stipendien

    The Andy Award, an award given by the Cohen family to support outstanding students during COVID-19 pandemic crisis

    BW–Stipendium, world scholarship for exchange students

  • Projekte

    „The beginning of the last things – Part III“ Solo exhibition by Elham Rokni at Dvir gallery, Tel Aviv Israel: Assisting Elham Rokni, a video artist, with production, video editing and as a technical export of video installations

    Bezalel Academy M.F.A graduate exhibitions: editing and synchronizing video art projects for M.F.A graduate student for their final exhibitions

    Creator and Producer of the „Gallery Talk“ videos for the Bezalel final project exhibition of class 2020

    „Poetry Lab Bezalel“ Academic assistant to Prof. Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim, Manager and Producer of the establishment of the 'Poetry Lab', the first and only poetry library in Israel, located at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

    A producer for „TWIN“, a Video Art by Erga Yaari, presented at the B.Y5 Gallery in Tel-Aviv and at the TLVFest #16 Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival

  • Statement

    I am a multidisciplinary artist mainly working with performance video and installation art using my own body image. Developing in the Ceramics & Glass Department and learning techniques from the craft world enriches my interests in exploring the connection between body and material, video and space, projection and 3D objects, the written word and moving image and the ability to combine digital and analogic 3D medias. I use these to reflect upon the relationship between myself and the world and research the relationships between the artist and the viewer, the object being viewed and the subject creating the content, between intimacy and „the other“, and between familiarity and foreignness.

    I see my work as a frame to an image of life, as I believe that life, by itself, is a form of art. Body is art. Everything is art. Body language and image is used, in my work, as a window to view content. You can see only what is reflecting back at you from the glass, or you can, alongside your own image and perception, see through and gaze inside a different mind.

    In combining ideas from the worlds of eastern philosophies such as Yoga, Meditation and Zen Buddhism among western and modern philosophy I create a hybrid between language, everyday life, the human body and theory.

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