Böttger Ezgi

Ezgi Böttger

ist Studentin im Jahrgang 2021 im Weißenhof-Programm (Meisterschülerin)

  • Kurzvita

    Ezgi Böttger
    born in 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey

    Master student in the Weissenhof program at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with Prof. Christian Jankowski and Dr. Valérie Hammerbacher (Curator, ifa-Gallery Stuttgart)

    State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart Class of Andreas Opiolka, Class of Rainer Ganahl, Class of Christian Jankowski

    Studied at Academy Istanbul Cinema and Media

  • Ausstellungen

    Audience award exhibition Kulturtage Thalwil 2021 Vis à vis, Zurich, Switzerland
    “Studio Bosperus”, with Christian Jankowski / Horst & Maria, Art space Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
    Jubiläumsausstellung ‘‘ArtBox100 – Dialog’’ Zurich, Switzerland

    ‘Against The Wall’ screening intervention in public space, Bartelsstrasse, Hamburg, Germany
    Mass Mail Art Shooter Exhibition at Kunstsalon Kasteel Daalenbroeck, Netherlands
    ‘Po-Mo 2’ International Mail Art Exhibition at Selçuklu University Konya, Turkey
    Vision Mail Art Exhibition California, USA
    ‘Love in the Time of Extinction’ Mail Art Exhibition Post Museum Bras Basah, Singapore

    Group Exhibition ‘Könnte aber doch’ at WKV, Stuttgart, Germany
    Diplom Exhibition Kunstbezirk Gustav Siegle Haus Stuttgart, Germany
    32.Stuttgarter Filmwinter Performance ‘‘Tryouts VII’’ Gustav Siegle Haus, Stuttgart, Germany

    Award-winning work at the Stuttgarter Info-Screens Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany
    ACADEMIAE Youth Art Biennale, Fort Franzensfeste, South Tirol, Italy
    Reading ‘‘Maria&Horst_ Die Perfekten Bewohner’’ Walther König Store, Stuttgart, Germany

    Group exhibition Präsenz, Kritik, Utopie at WKV, Stuttgart, Germany
    15th Istanbul Biennale, Collectiv Çukurcuma House of Wisdom, ‘Horst & Maria’, Istanbul, Turkey
    Sinopale 6. International Sinop Bienale, Sinop ,Turkey
    Group Exhibition Summer Studio ... ‘‘Only the jungle knows’’ IFA Gallery Stuttgart, Germany

    Group Exhibition Manifestina Goes Palermo ,Palermo Gallery Stuttgart, Germany
    Exhibition Junge Kunst Fokus 2.0 at Kunstverein Radolfzell, Bodensee, Germany
    Exhibition Manifestina at ArtBox Thalwil, Perron 4 + 6 Zurich, Switzerland
    Group Project initiated by Maurizio Cattelan Manifestina at Manifesta 11 Zürich, Switzerland

    Group exhibition ‘‘2041 Endlosschleife’’ at WKV Stuttgart, Germany
    Group exhibition ‘‘Zur Tisch’’, at Kulturniederlassung Südwest, Stuttgart, Germany
    Group exhibition at Schloss Weikersheim,Germany

    2013 Group exhibition ‘Das Antlitz’ at WKV Stuttgart, Germany

  • Residencies und Auszeichnungen

    ‘‘Miss Kunst Bad Wonder’’ Top Twenty, Bad Wonder, Germany
    Jury & audience award of Kulturtage Thalwil ‘‘Vis à vis’’, Zurich, Switzerland

    Residency at Culture Academy Tarabya, Istanbul, Turkey

    Nomination for art award of Art Assosiation Radolfzell, Bodensee, Germany

    Artist Residency at St. Moritz Art Academy with Allison Sommers, Switzerland

  • Biennale

    ACADEMIAE Youth Art Biennale, Fort Franzensfeste, South Tirol, Italy

    ‘5th Istanbul Biennale’, Collectiv Çukurcuma House of Wisdom, ‘Horst & Maria’, Istanbul, Turkey

    Sinopale 6. International Sinop Bienale, Sinop, Turkey

  • Statement

    My work focuses on the ways in which the individual relates to concepts such as: identity, society, gender, culture, memory, language, perception and desire. In this context, I define my art as the field of visual thought that is shaped by the process. I use a variety of mediums, such as photography, performance, print, collage, sculpture, installation, sound video and painting to explore the aforementioned concepts. These times are often defined as hyper-reality, where lies and the truth are entwined and difficult to tell apart. I look for the truth and its various indicators, actions, meanings. Being a foreigner, I see myself as an observer and experimenter and this connection makes the process important and valuable. As observing and experiencing are the core of my creative development, my work always combines a socio-political concern with my own experiences and adventures. The associations I have created allow me to create my next project by determining my practice. As i am observing the concrete world, i create an abstract idea, then transform the idea into a concrete expression.

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