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Leule Hailemariam

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Titel der Dissertation: “Construction materials selection framework for sustainable urban infrastructure design.“ (Urban Infrastructure Design/Architecture)

Betreuung: Dipl.-Arch. Fabienne Hoelzel

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    Leule Hailemariam

    High school diploma

    Msc in civil structural engineering

    Bsc in civil engineering

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    „Construction materials selection framework for sustainable urban infrastructure design.“ 


    Developing countries that are aspiring to boom their economy for a development are experiencing many challenges, such as shortage of food, rapid urbanization without proper planning, lack of cost-efficient construction systems, lack of clean potable water, inefficient energy utilization and others. Sub Saharan African countries are facing the challenges that hinder the economic development of the nations. These countries are in need of restructuring, reframing the major economic sectors. One of the largest economic sector which impacts the development process is construction industry and if it is managed well in a sustainable way; the contribution to the sustainable development would be inevitable. One of the components that achieve sustainable construction is sustainable design. The process of sustainable design is not merely an act of selection, iteration, repetition, and optimization to get a suitable solution for a problem but it also needs to include sustainable parameters.

    Urban infrastructure design is one of such kind of activity that demands sustainable approach of design. The process followed in the current design of infrastructure tends to be random, without having logical, legislative, directive and contextual frames. Especially when selections of a kind of materials are raised, there are no defined working frameworks for sustainable construction works. Construction materials are the major components of construction works both in quality and quantity of usage in the industry. It should be well addressed through the impact of materials selection on the sustainability of infrastructure. All the process of using materials in the construction is mainly decided at the inception of the design process of the built environment. It is the major decision for which materials are selected for the works. The materials become multifunctional, thereby lowering cost or energy and simplifying the design process. Sustainability is basic to the selection of materials. The practice of sustainability in the construction design of developing countries is not fully implemented because frameworks that have been tried to implement do not comprehensively include sustainable parameters. Indicators of sustainability along with nature and practicality of materials for the function has to be studied and there has to be a viable model that directs the selection process of materials.

    In this research, selection frameworks of materials for sustainable urban infrastructure design, with the context in larger view of sub-Saharan African and with a specific geography in Ethiopia, would be investigated. The research focus is to study the selection process of construction materials during the design stage of selected infrastructures and detailed principles, methods and best practices would be investigated through a structured questionnaire, case studies, and desk studies method of data collection tools. The study would follow qualitative and quantitative research methodology approach. The analysis of the encoded data will be done by commercial statistical software. From the study, guidelines for the appropriate selection process and frameworks for implementation would be developed.

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