Stiber Morenus Linda

Linda Stiber Morenus

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Titel der Dissertation: „Chiaroscuro Woodcut Printing in 16th- and 17th-century Italy: Technique in Relation to Artistic Style“

  • Dissertation

    „Chiaroscuro Woodcut Printing in 16th- and 17th-century Italy: Technique in Relation to Artistic Style“

    Drawing primarily on the collections of Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts at the Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and British Museum, the author has researched the printing techniques and colored inks used for these 16th- and 17th-century prints. She has devised a systematic methodology for the physical description of chiaroscuro prints based on the characterization of the inks (color, viscosity, etc.) and how they interact with the papers on which they are printed as well as the manner of their printing (order in which the blocks were successively printed, wet ink on top of dry ink, etc.). This methodology was developed from information gained through the examination of Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts with a binocular microscope, as well as experimentation with making model chiaroscuro prints and the comparison of these re-creations to the historic originals. The 30 re-creations, made using 10 inks based on historical recipes and by varying different aspects of the printing process, offered valuable insights into the connections between technical approach and the appearance of the final print which could not have been gained in any other way.

    Her research further explores the relationship between particular technical approaches to printing and individual artistic styles, laying the foundations for characterizing the signature style, materials, and methods used by the seven Italian printmakers studied: Ugo da Carpi, Domenico Beccafumi, Antonio da Trento, Niccolò Vicentino, Andrea Andreani, Girolamo Bolsi, and Bartolomeo Coriolano. She is preparing a fully illustrated guide to aid in the physical description of Italian chiaroscuro woodcuts that will serve as an extremely important tool for determining artist attributions.

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