Gelati Vittoria

Vittoria Gelati

Promovendin auf dem Gebiet der Kunstwissenschaft/Kunsttechnologie

Titel der Dissertation: „Documentation and conservation of Time-Based Media Art in the museum practice“

Betreuung: Prof. Johannes Gfeller

  • Kurzvita

    Vittoria Gelati

    Master's degree in Science del patrimonio audiovisivo e dei nuovi media (LM-65 Performing arts and multimedia productions) at the University of Udine, Italy

    Internship at ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, Germany, as part of the conservators team

    ERASMUS+ Studio Program, Master in Media Studies at the Stockholm University, Sweden

    Bachelor's degree in Scienze e tecnologie per lo studio e la conservazione dei beni culturali e dei supporti dell’informazione (L-43 Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage) at the University of Milan, Italy

    Internship at Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, Milan, Italy, cataloguing and rearranging several audiovisual supports in the archive and the restoration laboratory (MicLab)

  • Laufende Dissertation

    „Documentation and conservation of Time-Based Media Art in the museum practice“

    The project aims to develop a specific documentation and conservation model for Time-Based Media Art and in particular, for those that include audiovisual components. The model will be developed as a working tool for conservators and curators in the museum practice. The aspects required in the model will be outlined through the investigation of significative case studies selected from the museum context. The model will constitute a guideline structure, which will be used for developing or integrating an online database, in collaboration with a software programming partner.

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