Programme Students

  • Programme students are students who have been accepted into one of our scholarship exchange programmes, or who are taking part in the Partner-University Exchange programme without a scholarship. The programme student application process applies to all Erasmus, Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, Oregon Study Center, California State University, and Partner-University Exchange students. Students wanting advice and information about how to take part in an exchange programme at the Stuttgart Academy should direct any enquiries to the Office for Foreign Affairs. 

  • Contact

    International Office

    Sonja Fendel
    +49 (711) 28440-103

    Neubau 2, room 2.16
    Consultations by appointment only

    Contact Incoming

    Samantha Schramm
    +49 (711) 28440-330
Neubau 2, room 0.14
    Tue 10–2.30 pm

    Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
    Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
    International Office
    Am Weißenhof 1
    70191 Stuttgart 

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