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Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design


The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart), founded in 1761, has a long-standing academic tradition of excellence in the fields of fine art and design. With a student body of approximately 850, the Stuttgart Academy is a state recognized institution with University status. As one of the largest institutions of its kind in the State of Baden- Württemberg and a prominent institution in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Stuttgart Academy is a state-of-the-art center for education in both the fine and applied arts. This innovative and dualistic approach to the study of the arts has emerged from a solid traditional foundation and is a reflection of the Academy's understanding of its unique role in university level arts education, a position which the Academy continues to preserve and cultivate.

Previous Alumni of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design include prominent figures of the international art world including Adolf Hoelzel, Willi Baumeister, Johannes Itten and Oskar Schlemmer.


Dear Guests, dear Students,

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design stands for an open, internationally-minded environment and for the dialogue between all artistic fields. In its mission statement the academy is committed to artistic innovation, and presents itself as an experimental sphere for exemplary artistic work within the unified fields of research and academic teaching. As an academic institution it is representative of the connection between art theory and art practice and offers cross-genre artistic activity, being open to cultural, technological and social developments as well as seeking interdisciplinary dialogue. The academy is also committed to the preservation of cultural heritage material through scientific research, and contributions in the form of workshops, conferences and publications. Internationality and pluralism in teaching, research and development, and open dialogue with a broader community are part of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design’s identity.

Petra von Olschowski

Academic Education

The academic education offered by the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design is characterized by a workshop environment which involves student participation in both individual and group projects with the support and supervision of academic staff. Through the excellent technical workshop facilities at the Stuttgart Academy students are encouraged to explore a diverse range of fine arts disciplines ranging from print techniques (i.e. etching, lithography, screenprinting, offset) to ceramics, wood, stone and metal work (i.e. woodturning, stone carving, bronze sculpture).

Academic Degrees

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design offers 14 degree courses across four main departments, see table below. State Diplomas (German Academic Degrees equivalent to MA degrees) can be obtained for Art Education, Fine Arts, Stage and Costume Design, Communication Design, Industrial Design, Textile Design.

Bachelor and/or Master degrees can be obtained for Architecture, Conservation of Paintings and Sculpture, Conservation of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Decorative Arts’ Objects, Conservation of Works of Art on Paper, Archives and Library Materials, Conservation of Wall Paintings, Architectural Surfaces and Stone Polychromy, and for Conservation of New Media and Digital Information, an MA degree.





Faculty Head

Fine Arts -
Art Education, Painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, installation art, ceramics, glass design


9 - 10 semesters

Ms. Andrea Rudloff

Prof. Thomas Bechinger

Design - Communications Design, Industrial Design, Textile Design


9 - 10 semesters

Ms. Katrin Häußler

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Marcus Wichmann



6 semesters

Ms. Annette Bahn

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Mark Blaschitz

Arts Sciences - Conservation of Paintings and Sculpture, Conservation of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Decorative Arts’ Objects, Conservation of Works of Art on Paper, Archives and Library Materials, Conservation of Wall Paintings, Architectural Surfaces and Stone Polychromy, Conservation of New Media and Digital Information


MA only for Conservation of New Media and Digital Information

9 - 10 semesters

Ms. Ute Woracek

Ms. Susanne Krause

Prof. Johannes Gfeller


The leading-edge department of Architecture is currently ranked as one of the top Architecture study courses in Germany. The department of Architecture offers multifaceted programmes where students work intensively in small groups and under the close supervision and support of professors and academic staff. Students experience the unique possibility of an interdisciplinary study programme encouraging students to view architecture from an artistic standpoint, culminating in combined studies of art, design, science and architecture.

The world-famous "Weissenhofsiedlung" is located next to the Academy. "Weissenhofsiedlung" was built on the Killesberg in Stuttgart in 1927 and it is one of the best examples for the art of the "new architecture" in Germany. With the art director, Mies van der Rohe, 17 architects (such as Le Corbusier, Mart Stam, Walter Gropius, etc.) from Germany, the Netherlands and France, etc. created a model housing programme for the modern urbanite. For more information see; www.weissenhof.de


The award-winning Design department at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, with its reputation for excellence, offers students the chance to study in a highly competitive and international programme of studies. As well as lectures and seminars, design students have the opportunity to participate in specific group projects relating to the wide-ranging practical and theoretical disciplines of design.

Fine Arts

The first year fine arts foundation course offers all students a sound introduction to fine and applied arts study, covering all areas of the arts, from art history, theory and analysis, painting, drawing, graphics, to sculpture and new-media. All fulltime degree students must complete a one year foundation course, which functions in co-operation with the departments of applied arts. After the initial foundation year, all fulltime degree students complete their studies in specialty classes, taking part in individual and class projects, exhibitions, and course-work, under the instruction and support of a professor.

Science and Art History

The study of art history and theory is an integral part of any arts degree. Throughout each semester, a large programme of lectures and seminares are open to students from all departments and are a required course component for all study areas. Subjects range from art theory, philosophy and art, the history of architecture, design theory, to the chronological history of art. In addition to fine and applied arts studies, the Stuttgart Academy also offers a broad-range of degree courses in the academic fields of restoration and conservation, including the Restoration and Conservation of New Media and Digital Information, and Archaeological and Ethnological objects. For a full list of courses available please visit the relevant pages on this site.

International Student Information

The first step towards studying at the Stuttgart Academy is the application process. There are three different application processes for prospective international students depending on whether you wish to apply as a:

  • 1. Regular Fulltime student

  • 2. Programme student

  • 3.a) DAAD Scholarship student

  • 3.b) Visiting student

Important: Be sure to indicate at the place provided on the relevant application form, if you are applying for a place as a Regular, Programme, DAAD Scholarship or Visiting student, and please read the following information very carefully. You must send the form and all other application material to the corresponding office. We cannot guarantee that applications sent to incorrect departments will be assessed. Please make sure that all details are correct before sending your application.

1. Regular Fulltime Students

Regular fulltime students study for the full duration of a degree programme (up to 5 years) and are full fee paying students. In order to study at the Stuttgart Academy you must be able to present proof of previous study or a high school graduation certificate equivalent to such as A-level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) or that of the German Abitur. Applicants who are not in possession of a university entrance qualification may be eligible to sit an entrance exam for especially gifted applicants.

The application procedure for regular students consists of two stages: The submission of application material, including a portfolio and the entrance examination, by invitation (on assessment of the portfolio). The entrance examination consists of two parts; a practical examination and an interview. Regular students must apply to the Department for Study and Examination Affairs, please see contact information on this page, above right.

2. Programme Students (The Office for Foreign Affairs)

The Office for Foreign Affairs is responsible for all programmes and university exchanges which are the result of co-operations between the Stuttgart Academy and its Partner Institutions. Programme students are students on scholarship exchange or who are taking part in a Partner-University exchange programme without a scholarship. The programme student admission process applies to all Erasmus, Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, Oregon Study Center, California State University, and all Partner-University exchanges. Students who would like advice about exchanges with the Stuttgart Academy should direct any enquiries to auslandsberatung@abk-stuttgart.de

Please note: The Office for Foreign Affairs only accepts application material from programme exchange students (i.e. Erasmus/Partner exchanges). All other applicants must apply to the offices as stated in the information supplied on this page. For application requirements and contacts please see the information on the right side of this page.

International Co-operation

The Stuttgart Academy has around 50 international Partnership Agreements in place with academic institutions all over the world. These co-operations enable both students and academic staff members the possibility to take part in international exchanges. For further information please contact the Office for Foreign Affairs at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. auslandsberatung@abk-stuttgart.de

3. a) DAAD Scholarship Students

Students who are recipients of DAAD Scholarships should send applications to the Department Secretary for your area of studies. For questions and contacts see the list of department contacts, above right.

3. b) Visiting Students

Visiting international students are students or graduates who wish to study at the Stuttgart Academy for a period of up to two semesters. As of summer semester 2011, it is possible for visiting students to take examinations and receive credits (with approval from Faculty members) for their studies. Proof of previous studies and experience in the relevant study area is a prerequisite. Please send your Visiting student application to the Department Secretary for your field of studies. See the list of contacts (above right). For detailed information please see our website.

Visiting Student fees: Visiting students are required to pay administration and student contribution fees of approximately 300€ per semester. It is important to note that as a Visiting student of the Academy you will be responsible for all practical and financial aspects of your stay in Stuttgart. Visiting international students receive the regular student reductions for public transport.

International Student Visas

Students are responsible for finding out what kind of visa is required for the duration of studies in Germany. Institutions that offer advice on how to obtain a visa from your country are the German Federal Foreign Office (www.auswaertiges-amt.de) and the German Academic Exchange Service 3 (www.daad.de). It is very important that you find out about your visa requirements well in advance, processing times for visas can vary greatly. Please note that some students from selected countries are able to obtain a visa once they have entered Germany, contact the foreign office in your country before you leave, for the exact information. Important: When applying for a visa you will be asked for a letter of invitation from the Stuttgart Academy. Once you have been accepted into the student programme you may request an invitation letter from the Admissions Office (Studentensekretariat).

Health Insurance

For study in Germany you need German health insurance, without proof of health insurance you cannot enrol in a German university. Students from EU countries already insured in their own country of origin do not have to take up insurance again in Germany. Using the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) they can directly go to a doctor and using their insurance card. Students from all other countries must have insurance cover from Germany, even if they already have a health insurance in their country of origin. The insurance coverage lasts for around one semester, contributions are to be paid for the entire semester, even if you leave Germany before the end of your studies or stop studying. Students from other countries under 30 years of age or have not finished the 14th subject- related semester yet may choose between private or compulsory health insurance. If you want to have private health insurance you need to apply for an exemption from compulsory coverage.

Living Costs and Accommodation

It is essential that students who wish to study in Stuttgart are able to finance their stay. Please contact the Department secretary for your area of study for more advice on how to apply for accommodation, insurance, visas and the public transportation card. International programme students can receive assistance from the Stuttgart Academy in finding student accommodation in Stuttgart. Student housing can cost up to € 400 per month in single room accommodation. Application forms are available from the department secretary for your area of studies.

Language requirements

Courses at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design are held in German. You are expected to have at least basic knowledge of German (B1-B2 CEFR) and to have a proficient level of English (B1- B2 CEFR), both oral and written, in order to participate sufficiently in courses and class work.


Petra von Olschowski

Martin Böhnke

Prof. Dr. Nils Büttner
Prof. Volker Lehnert
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Tobias Wallisser

Regular Fulltime International Students

Department of Study and Examination affairs / Abteilung für Studien- und Prüfungsangelegenheiten

a) Mr. Georg Kube
Head of Department of Study and Examination affairs
Building: F / Neubau II
Room: 0.04
T +49 (0)711.28440 – 126

For general information about Application forms, Enrolment and Student ID cards, contact the student Admissions Office staff listed below:

Ms. Rita Afani
Mr. Philipp Rummel
Building: F / Neubau II
Room: 0.05
T +49 (0)711.28440 – 107 or 106

Consultation hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-12 am
Thursday 1.30-4 pm

Programme Students

The programme student admission process applies to all following exchange programs: Erasmus, Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, Oregon Study Center, California State University, and all Partner-University exchanges. Programme students must first register with their home university before applying to the Stuttgart Academy.
Once you have registered with your home university for one of the above exchange programmes you can download the programme student application form here.
Application requirements: Application form, 2 Passport photos, C.V., Portfolio, Copy of passport, Letter of motivation, Learning Agreement (Erasmus).

Office for Foreign Affairs/Büro für Auslandsbeziehungen

Ms. Sonja Fendel
Head of Office for Foreign Affairs
Building: F
Room: 2.16
T +49 (0)711.28440 - 103
F +49 (0)711.28440 - 219

Consultation hours:
By appointment only!

Ms. Renata Earnshaw-Mathiasch
Erasmus Incomings
Building: F
Room: 0.14
T +49 (0)711.28440 - 330
F +49 (0)711.28440 - 335


Visiting Students and DAAD Scholarship Students

All DAAD Scholarship student and Visiting student applications are to be sent by postal mail to the department secretary responsible for your area of studies, e.g. Architecture. The application form can be downloaded here.
Application material: Application form, 1 Passport photo, detailed C.V., Portfolio (at least 10 pieces of work, in paper format or on a CD, preferably in PDF format or JPEG files), Copy of passport, Letter of motivation, Proof of health insurance, Visa (non-EU residents), Transcript of Records.

Department Secretaries

Fine Art:
Ms. Andrea Rudloff
T +49 (0)711.28440-162

Ms. Annette Bahn
T +49 (0)711.28440-203

Design (Textile, Communication and Industrial):
Ms. Katrin Häußler
T +49 (0)711.28440-247

Restoration, Art History, Art Science etc:
Ms. Ute Woracek
T +49 (0)711.664638-0

Ms. Susanne Krause
T +49 (0)711.28440-260

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